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We take care about family-safe internet

Internet should be a safe place for children. That's why KindSafe was born. We analyse websites for unsafe content and mark harmful content so that your children can browse the web more safely.

Analyse any domain for web safety

Why Kindsafe?

Firstly, people behind KindSafe have a lot of experience in semantic text parsing. Secondly, we also have children. And thirdly, we have encounter a lot of websites which children definitely shouldn't visit. That's why we connected these 3 impulses to create Kindsafe - safe internet, where you don't have to be afraid of what your children may see.

How does it work?

We crawl internet websites and identify the content which should be flagged as not family-safe. If there is a significant amount of such content, we mark that site as not safe. We also connect this information with ratings we have from people and with information from our browser plugins used by volunteers to help the project.

Open data

If you are a parent, use our plugin to protect your children from dangerous websites. If you are a developer, you could be interested in our free API, where you can easily get safety information for any domain. Feel free to implement it into your website!

What is Kindsafe?

Kindsafe tries to make a better internet. We use our own technology to mark domains with family unsafe content. After installing our browser plugin we will disable access to this kind of websites, so you can sleep better while your children are browsing the web. Webmasters can use our API too.
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Who's behind the site?

Atenium s.r.o.
VAT ID:01431838
Martinická 987/3, 197 00 Praha 9
Europe, Czech Republic
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Kindsafe in numbers

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